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(2021 Season)

episode 1

The BEST Way To Market & Monetize Your Personal Brand With Nicky S!

Have you ever wondered about what you could do to make sure you're bringing value to your community? Have you ever thought about how you could improve your community engagement? And what about your personal branding? How can you market and monetize your personal brand? Today, we're joined by Nicky S, and she's here to shed light on all of your questions regarding personal branding!

episode 2

How To Monetize Your Merchandise, w/ Kalilah Wright 

The personalized T-shirt industry is growing exponentially. It’s forecasted to reach more than 10 billion dollars in value by 2025. In this episode of the Never Settle Show, I talk to Kalilah Wright, CEO of Mess In A Bottle, about how to monetize your merchandise, grow your apparel business, find the right talent to work with, and how to shoot your shot.

episode 3

Level Up On IG Reels w/ Afnan Idris

If you understand your audience, you can monetize your IG Reels. In today’s video, Afnan Idris talks to us about Instagram Reels and how to grab attention and monetize them. Many influencers are gaining high viewership rates through IG Reels. Reels are 15 second videos that have a dedicated space on the Explore page on Instagram. It’s critical that you understand your audience. People are waiting to hear your story, so grab attention and be relatable.

episode 4

What It Takes To Build A Successful Podcast w/ Shawn Anthony

Today I discuss all things podcasting with Shawn Anthony who is the creator of “School's Over...Now What?” and “Podcast Secrets Revealed” (Clubhouse). If you're looking to build and monetize your podcast you need to understand that it's not an overnight task. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. Yes, you want to monetize your podcast quickly, but take some time to build authenticity and uniqueness. Ultimately, that will be your superpower. "Dream it. Believe it. Go out and get it."

episode 5

Profitability Tips With Lamar Tyler

In this episode, Lamar Tyler gives us some incredibly valuable tips on how to increase profit in business. He is the author of “Traffic Sales & Profit,” and his mastermind group has just been recognized for having collectively earned over 49 million dollars - during the pandemic! These are tips that can truly change your business for the better. Try focusing on the customers that you already have. How can you increase the average amount they spend? How can you increase their customer lifetime value? Too many entrepreneurs go after new customers rather than retaining old ones.

episode 6

How To Increase Product Sales Through Community With Lamar Tyler

In this episode, I speak to Lamar Tyler about building community, sales, customer retention and surrounding yourself with winners. He's passionate about reshaping the face of entrepreneurship in the African American community and helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses from where they are to where they wanna be. In his years doing business, he’s seen how many entrepreneurs seek guidance and coaching in the wrong places. Before getting a coach, it’s good to do your research first.  

episode 7

The Resilience Factor w/ Dr. Syleecia Thompson

What’s the most important trait of an entrepreneur? Well, the results of a poll I posted in my IG stories say that resilience in entrepreneurship is the number 1 trait to have. But how do you, as an entrepreneur, leverage your resilience to help you win? Dr. Syleecia Thompson is a serial entrepreneur, brand strategist, author, and entertainment manager. She’s written a book titled The Resilience Factor, which deals with the importance of showing resilience in your life. One thing’s for sure; you need to have resilience in entrepreneurship because you can’t get to the growth phase until you go through the grind phase. Take your time, shoot your shot!

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